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Airline Plane Crew Member – is mean to a child.

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Flight Attendant forces child to urinate in her seat (Aviation English)

A grumpy airline flight attendant demonstrated her lack of parenting skills when she forced a child to urinate in her seat.
Jennifer Deveraux was travelling with her two daughters when the exceptional flight crew service occurred on a JetBlue flight. Flight 518 was delayed on the tarmac at John F. Kennedy International Airport in N.Y. on Monday, waiting to fly to Boston, CBS Boston reports.
One of Deveraux’s daughters, Summers, needed to use the bathroom, and began to cry. When her mother tried to help her to the bathroom, a flight attendant refused to let them stand up, forcing the child to urinate on herself and the seat.
Deveraux attempted to stand up again to clean up the mess, and the flight crew attendant yelled at her a second time. “And I said, ‘please give me a break. My daughter had an accident because you wouldn’t let me take her to the bathroom. After I clean it up I will sit down.’ She turned around and reported it to the pilot,” Deveraux said.
The aircraft pilot then turned the plane around and took it back to the gate, announcing over the intercom that there was a non-compliant passenger on board, and they would be brought to security.
Thankfully, an off-duty pilot sitting two seats in front of Deveraux realized how ridiculous the situation was and convinced the crew to let her stay. (airline flight crew member needs to chill)

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